Tender Description

The Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone Company SOC Ltd (RBIDZ) invites capable and competent service providers to submit proposals for the appointment of panel of service providers to provide debt collection and legal services for the RBIDZ.

Documentation(E) [email protected]
Queries(E) [email protected]
Submission(E) [email protected]
Tip-Offs Anonymous Hotline(T) 080 000 3333 / (F) 080 000 7788(E) [email protected]

Closing Date

16 May 2022     12H00

Compulsory Briefing

No briefing meeting or site inspection will be conducted for this project.

Evaluating Principle


Tender Number



The RFP document may be obtained via email as from 28 April 2022. The RFP document will be emailed upon an indication of interest from the prospective bidder and should forward a request for RFP document via email to [email protected] with their company name, address and contact details quoting the bid number and description on the subject line.

The RFP document may be obtained at a nil tender charge.

Proposals must be sealed and endorsed with the relevant contract number and must be deposited in the official tender box at the RBIDZ Office Complex, 4 Harbour Merial, Alton, Richards Bay (GPS 28° 46′ 50.3″ S 32° 00′ 54.0″ E). 

Proposals must be completed in accordance with the conditions attached to the RFP. Proposals will first be evaluated in terms of functionality.

The RBIDZ is not bound to accept the lowest price. highest scoring or any tender and reserves the right to accept or not to accept any tender in whole or part thereof. The RBIDZ reserves the right to appoint a tenderer that best meets the requirements of the company on reasonable grounds.

Please contact them directly for any additional information.

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