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Product Description:

Account verification services (AVS) allows for verification of the Identity of an account holder against the bank account number supplied. Our AVS product provides a single platform which facilitates Account Verification across all major banks in South Africa.


AVS allows you the ability to make sure your client has provided you with the correct bank account details before delivering services or attempting to collect payments. The AVS verification process is real-time and therefore can be used as part of your client take-on or due diligence process.


Pro-actively Mitigate Fraud Risk:
A means to mitigate your risk of fraud on a pro-active basis.
Real-time Responses:
Real-time responses with all major banks.
Bank Account Verification:
Verify validity of a bank account.
Linked ID and Bank Account Verification:
Verify that an ID number is linked to a bank account.
Verify whether transactions can be processed against a bank account.
Account Status:
Verify the status of the account (i.e. open, closed etc).
Lower Cost:
Lower your cost by avoiding failed debit order collections as a result of invalid bank accounts.
Verifying Account Period:
Verify whether an account has been open for more than 3 months.
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