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48th SAFARI into DATA
The Risks and Opportunities

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The objective of this SAFARI is to take a closer look at the DATA we hold and process.
We need to deliberate on, not only the Risks, but more so, explore all the
Opportunities that might be hidden in the data.

By now we all know that personal information may be collected, with consent, for a specific,
explicitly defined and lawful purpose. Consent should set out the purpose and processing details
for which the information is sought. Further processing of information must be compatible with
the purpose for which the information was originally collected.

Are we so blindsided by the Risks of holding and processing data that we
forget to look at the legitimate upside and the value of the data we hold?
Set aside a day and be informed by a Team of Expert Presenters

Topics covered

  • See Things Differently
  • Legitimate Further Processing of Data
  • The Risk in Holding Data
  • Dissecting some forensic case studies
  • The Role of the Data Steward
  • And you thought the money is in the Bank
  • Manage fraud when suspected

Presenters on-board

  • Brian Civin
  • Reana Steyn
  • Dr Ina Meiring
  • Jacques van Wyk
  • Dr Motse Tsogang
  • Manie van Schalkwyk
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