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Product Description:

Spiderweb allows for 1 ID number to be tested against a number of other ID numbers across all data platforms in our database. Our Spiderweb product provides a complete report per ID linked with the detail of the information linked.


Spider Web provides you with a PDF report with details of each ID number linked including the detail of the information linked. The Spiderweb report is a real-time report and can, therefore, be used at the point of investigation or verification.


Mitigate Your Risk
A means to mitigate your risk of fraud on an investigative basis.
Real-Time Response
Real-time response across all datasets
Verify Links Between ID's
Verify the links between ID numbers such as shared telephone numbers, addresses, asset ownership, linked accounts etc.
Risk verification tool
Risk verification tool that assists, that can be used both in a pro-active and investigative environment
Investigative Report
Investigative report that can be utilised to find and confirm links on Employee declarations
Investigative Report
Investigate report that can be utilised in Supply Chain/procurement departments to identify and confirm individuals’ links
Investigative Report
An investigative report to mitigate the risks in Insurance industry pro-actively on onboarding as well as during investigative reports.
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