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Understanding a client/ consumers’ profile is critical when making business decisions. The information accessed via the Directory report provides intelligent information that is weighted and scored according to various matching algorithms and datasets.

Product description:

Directory is CPB’s flagship product that allows for a complete view of a client/ consumer’s information that is obtained from various public domain datasets as well as other permitted data providers to Credit Bureaus. The data provided include current “best” information as well as all historical information utilised to build the customer profile.


Complete View of Client:
• Complete one view of the client including all datasets.
Tracing and Verification:
Excellent tracing and verification tool.
Credible Evidence and Investigation Reports:
Real-time report that can be exported to use as credible evidence in investigation reports.
Various Data Components Searching:
Ability to search on various data components including contact details, address details, name, email addresses etc. where the ID number of Company registration number is not available.
Mitigate Risk of Fraud:
A means to mitigate your risk of fraud on an investigative basis.
Real-time Responses:
Real-time response across all datasets.
Verify Linked ID Numbers:
Verify the links between ID numbers such as shared telephone numbers, addresses, asset ownership, linked accounts etc.
Risk Verification Tool:
Risk verification tool that assist that can be used both in a pro-active and investigative environment.
Investigative Report of Employee Declarations:
Investigative report that can be utilised to find and confirm links on Employee declarations.
Investigative Report of Supply Chain:
Investigate report that can be utilised in Supply Chain / procurement departments to identify and confirm individuals’ information and links.
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