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About CPB


Consumer Profile Bureau (Pty) Ltd is a proudly South African Payment Profile Hosting Credit Bureau.
Our industry-leading, innovative, real-time solutions span from bespoke reporting and analytics, digital identification, paperless FICA and online data analytics. This is in addition to the standard credit bureau offerings such as tracing, credit verification and debtor profiling. We utilise our in-house, industry-transforming algorithms and matching tools (both on-line and through API integration) to leverage big data in every aspect of on-boarding and credit life cycle activities.
CPB is a registered Credit Bureau terms of the National Credit Act No 34 of 2005, with registration number NCRCB2.


  Integrity – Our customers, staff and service providers can be assured that their interactions with us will always have integrity.
  Honesty – Our interactions with internal and external stakeholders are always treated with honesty and transparency.
  Innovative – We foster a culture of innovation where we listen to our staff, our clients, and the market. This lets us continuously develop new products and solutions whilst embracing technology and market trends/ niches.
  Accountable – We believe in holding ourselves accountable for our actions. Our staff members and management are committed to holding ourselves and each other for all our actions to perform as per our commitments.
  Empowerment – We recognise our staff and encourage initiative while learning and being empowered to reach their own goals and objectives.


To be the preferred bureau for providing bespoke analytical services and solution driven products


CPB provides services on a National basis and is currently servicing clients across all the provinces in South Africa.

We have also been involved in successful partnerships and have been selected by international companies to be the preferred partner for KYC/ ID validation for international companies. This effectively expands our offering to over 180 countries.

It is CPB’s belief that through an integrated and innovative process and optimal utilisation of technology, we can service our clients on a daily basis to achieve their goals and targets.


BureauSuite is an online platform that provides a range of solutions to enhance tracing, default and collections opportunities.

The solutions are fully developed by CPB (a South African company) and are supported by an in-house team of specialists.

The BureauSuite is a fully auditable and granular environment with detailed roles where access per operator can be fully controlled. This ensures our clients can meet their own internal control needs as well as the Bureau regulations in terms of the NCA.

In addition to all these roles, detailed reports on exactly what was viewed and accessed are also available to management users with the applicable access and roles


CPB values compliance to the relevant Acts and Regulations and has extended this compliance drive to the various industry bodies it belongs to, clean audits from external auditors on both the Annual Financial Audit as well as the Annual Regulating audit.

CPB subscribes to the Codes of Conduct of all the Associations and Industries we belong to and will continue to strive for adherence at all times and has also appointed an external compliance officer and have done a full evaluation of our Regulatory environment. A full action plan has been enrolled to continue to monitor and adapt for adherence to all regulations.

Compliance in the company is a top-down-approach; management believes that leading by example and prioritising this in our monthly strategic targets, will ensure we are compliant at all times.

Annual audits have been extended to include compliance to the other relevant acts in our Regulatory scope. This as part of our normal annual reviews.


  • As a Credit Bureau, CPB adheres to the rules and regulations of confidentiality within all spheres of our regulatory environment as well as the newly enacted Protection of Personal Information.
  • CPB is committed to the responsible use of sensitive consumer information and adheres to the principles of good corporate governance and has put in place an in-depth cyber-security framework.
  • Our systems provide both detailed and complete audit trails as well as granular, per-operator access control within the framework of the NCA and with adherence to POPIA guidelines.
  • CPB recognises the right to privacy and respects data sovereignty and right to access laws.

Business Strategy – Sustainability

Enterprise Development Programme

The Bureau House Enterprise Development Programme focuses on identifying enterprises that have the potential of transforming the credit and financial sector. The Enterprise Development Programme further focuses on providing a platform to emerging businesses to create new networks by collaborating with Consumer Profile Bureau on various business opportunities. The end goal of the Enterprise Development Programme is to support companies that have the potential to be sustainable in the future and to transform the financial service and credit industry.


CPB is managed by a Board of Directors. The Board is responsible and accountable to the Shareholders for the overall results and returns on investment as per the approved strategy.

We furthermore believe that we are also responsible to care for the community. We have identified Girls and Boys Town as an initiative we believe would be able to add value to the future of our country. Their motto is “serving youth into the future” whereby they have given thousands of children of all races, genders, faiths and languages a second chance.

Most of the children arrive at their homes with shattered dreams, sick at heart and often in body too.

Here they focus on:

  • The individual needs of youths in family homes and youth development centres, by implementing nationally researched, standardised and specialised child and youth care programmes. Improving the healthy development of youth in the broader community through Girls and Boys Town’s national hotline and regional training and resource centres.
  • Capacitating parents, caregivers, families, community professionals, educators and others in the field of your development through training.
  • Being sensitive to their needs to deliver community-based services for youths in areas where resources are not adequately prioritised.

Consumer Profile Bureau approaches corporate social investment (CSI) from the perspective of good corporate citizenship and directs its commitment to under-privileged children, educational initiatives and the upliftment of communities in which employees live and the Group operates.

We are also sponsoring various learners with full sponsorship for the accredited Community HealthCare workers qualification – this includes their Stipend, uniform allowance as well as the actual training.

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