Tender Description

Bids are hereby invited by Richmond Local Municipality seeks to appoint a qualified and experienced debt collectors to assist Richmond Local Municipality with collection of revenue on overdue accounts for a period of three years: Debt collection services.

Documentation (E) [email protected]
Documentation(E) [email protected]
Technical enquiries: Mr M. Ntanzi (T) 033 212 2155(E) [email protected]
SCM/ Bid document enquiries: Mr Sandile Sithole(T) 033 212 2155(E) [email protected]

Closing Date

17 June 2022     10H00

Compulsory Briefing

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Evaluating Principle

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Tender Number



Bid document may be obtained from the Budget & Treasury Office during normal workings hours (08h00 – 16h00) Monday to Friday at Municipal Offices, 57 Shepstone Street Richmond as from the date of an advert. Bids documents may be reserved in writing by Thursday, 26 May 2022. Reservations in writing will be accepted through the following communication channel, by e-mail: [email protected]/[email protected].

A non-refundable fee of R506.00 is payable for each bid document of which only cash will be accepted.

Bidders who are registered with the Debt Collectors Council as is required in terms of Section 8(1) and 8(3) of the Debt Collectors Act No. 114 of 1998 or confirmation as member of a Law Society in terms of the Attorneys Act, 1979 or confirmation registered member of the Association of Debt Recovery Agents “ADRA”, are eligible to bid. The tender will be adjudicated via two stages of which the first stage will be functionality and the second stage will be price. Each bidder must score a minimum of 70 points for functionality to be considered for the second stage of evaluation. Only bidders who are registered with National Treasury Suppliers Database (CSD) will be eligible to bid.



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