Tender Description

Tenders are hereby invited for the provision of revenue enhancement, protection, enforcement of credit control and indigent management, replacement of meters for period of three (03) years. The scope of work will cover the following main items, but may not be limited to these items: 1. Operational management of credit control processes, procedures and field actions; 2. Use a software system compatible to the Municipality’s system to send monthly billing statements balances electronically by SMS to consumers and reminders of the due date. See Required Functionality of the Software system; 3. The management of the Indigent Management process and related actions to establish and maintain an authentic Indigent Register; 4. Render a Professional Service on an ad hoc basis on the following: – Debt book analysis to determine collect ability and suggested write offs; – Arrears Collection strategy and relevant by-laws; – Implementation of Credit Control and Debt Collection Policies; – Pre-collection processes; 5. Data Enrichment and Financial Profiling; 6. Revenue Enhancement; 7. Smart meter programme on the installation, maintenance and repair of metered services; 8. Tamper detection and solutions.

Bidding Procedure Enquiries: Mr. K. Mashiane (T) 015 023 5148(E) [email protected]
Technical Information: Mr. Shokane Simon(T) 015 290 2584(E) [email protected]

Closing Date

22 June 2022     10H00

Compulsory Briefing

An official and compulsory briefing session will not be applicable for this project.

Evaluating Principle


Tender Number



Bids documents containing the Conditions of Bid and other requirements in terms of the Supply Chain Management Policy will be downloaded from e-tender Publication Portal at https://etenders.gov.za/Home/opportunites?id=1

Bids documents will be downloaded at no fee.

Bid response documents may be deposited in the bid box situated at (Polokwane Municipality, Civic Centre, corner, Bondenstein and Landdros Mare Street) not later than 10:00 on 22 June 2022. Bidders should ensure that bids are delivered timorously to the correct address. If the bid is late, it will not be accepted for consideration.



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