Tender Description

Proposals are hereby invited for the following: Credit Bureau Services for PetroSA. PetroSA requires a Service Provider to provide the following services: 1. Scope 1: (Compulsory): Credit reports and information on its customers which is updated on a regular basis to meet its credit evaluations of its customer base, both nationally and internationally. 2. Scope 2: (Optional): Ad hoc debt collection services on outstanding amounts and/or overdue debt to the value of R200,000.00. Service Providers to provide proposals reflecting their unique / innovative service offerings, i.e. no-success, no-fee debt collection; collection costs collected from debtor, pro bono.

Enquiries: Caroline Widmer(T) 021 929 3006(E) [email protected]

Closing Date

07 August 2023     11H00

Compulsory Briefing


Evaluating Principle

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For more information and specifications, please visit the website: https://www.etenders.gov.za/

The scope of the Services shall be subject to changes by additions, deletions or revisions thereto by PetroSA. The Service Provider shall be advised of any such changes by written notification from PetroSA describing the change. The Service Provider shall promptly perform and strictly comply with each such change when so instructed by PetroSA. Any extra services resulting from such changes will be charged at the Service Provider’s normal or agreed rates.


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