Tender Description

Tenders are hereby invited to submit tenders for the appointment of a service provider for collection of debt to Lekwa-Teemane Local Council for the period of 36 months.

Technical Queries: Ms Mpai Polori(T) 072 382 1988
Technical Queries: Mr O Sebolai(T) 073 150 3076/053 441 2206/7/8
SCM Enquiries(T) 066 174 9616/053 441 2206(E) [email protected]

Closing Date

01 June 2022     12H00

Compulsory Briefing

No Detail

Evaluating Principle


Tender Number



Documents will be available from the 05 May 2022. Bid documents will be available on the mentioned dates at the Christiana Municipal Offices, Cnr Robyn & Dirkie Uys Street, Christiana 2680.

Submission of mentioned bids to Lekwa-Teemane Local Council. Sealed bids, duly endorsed with the above stated bid number and description, must be placed in the bid box in Christiana Municipal Offices, Cnr. Dirkie Uys & Robyn Street, and Christiana. Bids will be received at times stated above on the closing date and will be opened in public, in the Christiana Town Hall, Cnr. Dirkie Uys & Robyn Street, Christiana. Telegraphic or electronic bids will not be accepted. Late bids will not be accepted.

Bidders must supply the necessary information in order to comply with the requirements of Section 83 of the Local Government Municipal Systems Act. 2000 (Act 32 of 2000) and subject to the conditions of the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act, 2000 (Act 5 of 2000) as well as the Regulations promulgated in terms of Section 5 of the Act.


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