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Quotations are hereby invited for the following: Professional Consultancy Services Required for an Internal Audit Review of Revenue Billing and Collection for 2021/22 Financial Year. The scope of the services to be provided covers the following: • Review of the revenue management processes and systems: • Revenue data collection, review and billing; • Revenue recognition and classification including assessment of the Revenue Policy and Procedures; • Revenue forecasting, budgeting and Cash-flow Management; • Management and reconciliation of municipal bank accounts; • Debt impairment and collection; and • Follow up on issues raised by External Auditors in the 2020/21 audit year. Please note that this quotation was published late.

Document Collection(E) [email protected]
Document Collection(E) [email protected]
Document Collection(E) [email protected]
Technical Enquiries: C Dali(T) 043-705 9033(E) [email protected]

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17 May 2022     12H00

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Documents are obtainable from: the BCMM Website – https://www.buffalocity.gov.za/tender_documents.php?year=2022&type=Formal%20Request%20for%20Quotation or Request by sending email to [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected].

Late and incomplete submissions will invalidate the quotation submitted. Submissions: Informal Tender Box, Supply Chain Management Unit, BCMM, 80 Phillip Frame Road, Chiselhurst, East London. Please note that this quotation was published late.

Bidders are requested to furnish all information requested and return their quotation submission on the date stipulated in this invitation and the RFQ advertisement.  


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