Personal identity information with CPB and the Department of Home Affairs

Consumer Profile Bureau is proud to announce that the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) has granted us direct access to the HANIS system making this another one of our industry-leading innovations. This link – complete with biometric capabilities – provides our clients with the unique opportunity to engage in a world-class service offering in South Africa.

Access to this fully accredited HANIS link will empower our clients to achieve instant verification. Our state of the art KYC (Know Your Client) integration – which manages risk and compliance – coupled with DHA biometric integration, now achieves success rates unparalleled in the market. Productivity is bolstered through a seamless risk mitigation strategy closely coupled to your Risk-Based Compliance Framework – Alain Craven

In reducing the risks associated with fraud, service offerings are improved in high volume centres as well as in areas with a low literacy rate. We offer integrated solutions in areas spanning from insurance and loans to banking and public sector organisations. The DHA direct access link allows Accountable Parties (as defined in the FIC Act) to comply with their obligations while giving their customers a smooth onboarding experience.

The importance of the direct link to the HANIS Verification Service

The link to the DHA HANIS System is a pivotal step in continuing our advanced verification offerings to our clients. HANIS – implemented in the early 2000’s – is a collaboration between the DHA and the South African Banking Risk Information Centre (SABRIC) and plays a crucial role in reducing the risk of fraud and corruption in identity theft.

Initially, the DHA gave banks access to this link, empowering them to identify their prospective and current clients using their fingerprints. This strategic initiative was to ensure people’s investments, savings, deposits and earnings were secure in their banking institutions. As the demand for paperless verification continues to grow, HANIS provides banks with a reliable online verification tool along with electronic verification via fingerprint.

While banks were the initial users of the HANIS system the growing collaboration between the public and private sectors provide industries – such as insurance – with a direct link to the National Population Register. The NPR verifies various aspects of personal identity as well as supplying documents like death certificates.  

Consumer Profile Bureau is proud to offer this access to our clients, and we invite you to contact us for an exciting demo on this unique link and dataset. Email: [email protected]  | Tel: (+27) 010 590 9505


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