Tender Description

The Sekhukhune TVET College hereby invites service providers to quote for the following: Debt collection for a period of 24 months. The service provider must have expertise to execute the following: Expected Outcome: • Keep track of assigned accounts to identify outstanding debts; • Plan course of action to recover outstanding payments; • Locate and contact debtors to enquire of their payment status; • Negotiate payoff deadlines or payment plans; • Handle questions or complaints; • Investigate and resolve discrepancies; • Create trust relationships with debtors when possible to avoid future issues; • Update account status and database regularly; • Provide monthly reconciliations to the College.

Administrative Queries: M. K. M. Maluleke [email protected]
Technical queries: M. D. Malale[email protected]

Closing Date

23 November 2021     11H00

Compulsory Briefing

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Evaluating Principle


Tender Number



Submission of documents: Sealed envelope written the bid number must be submitted at reception at the central office, Sekhukhune TVET College, CS Barlow campus, stand no. 676, Motetema, Limpopo Province between 07H30-16H00 (Monday to Thursday) and 07H30-14H00 on Fridays. Emailed or faxed documents will not be accepted.

COMPULSORY MANDATORY DOCUMENTS: • Valid Tax Clearance Certificate/ tax pin • Copies of company registration certificate (which falls within the current 12 months), • Originally certified ID copy(ies) of director(s), • Provide CSD number on your quotation letterhead. • Confirmation of physical address of the bidder (not more than 3 months), • Detailed Company profile. • SBD 4, SBD 6.1, SBD 6.2, SBD 8 and SBD 9 forms obtainable on the College website. • Relevant Qualifications of profession of the directors and task team. • Proof of registration with the Council For Debt Collectors. (NB: Non-compliance with the above will result in automatic disqualification). Required evaluation documents for functionality and price: • Implementation plan and methodology = 30. • Originally certified copies of qualifications and ID’s of key staff = 20. Director with a Finance qualification = 10. Key staff, minimum of four (4) with finance qualification = 10. Key staff, minimum of three (3) with finance qualification = 8. Key staff, minimum of two (2) with finance qualification = 5. NB: Any qualification inferior to the debt Collection industry will not be considered. • Relevant experience supported by contactable reference letters ( minimum 5 years) = 40. Reference letters; Five (5) letters = 40. Four (4) letters = 30. Three (3) letters = 20. Two (2) letters = 10. One (1) letter = 5. • Letter from the bank indicating bank rating of the entity/company; and (10) Grading; Grade A = 10. Grade B = 8. Grade C = 6. Grade D = 4. • B-BBEE status level confirmation from an accredited agency, auditors or accountants (20). General Conditions: • This request for proposal does not serve as a quotation template, therefore an official quotation must be in company letterhead.

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