Tender Description

Tenders are hereby invited for the appointment of a panel of debts collectors for a period of 36 months.

Name: Tel/Fax: Email
Technical Enquiries: Mr. Herman Mothiana 012 318 9475 [email protected]
Supply Chain Enquiries: Mr. Siphamandla Madlala 012 318 9126/9624/9137 [email protected]

Closing Date

30 March 2021 10H00

Compulsory Briefing

No Detail

Evaluating Principle


Tender Number



Documents are obtainable on E-Tender portal: https://etenders.treasury.gov.za/content/advertised-tenders Municipal Website and at Municipal Offices (Brits). Document availability date: 25 February 2021.

Documents are obtainable at a non-refundable cost of R1000.00 per document in cash/EFT or on E-Tender portal, Municipal Website for free. Cheques will not be accepted. Payment is made at the Ground floor, Main Municipal Building, 53 Van Velden Street, Brits.



Please contact them directly for any additional information.

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