Tender Description

Tenders are hereby invited for the following: Panel of debt collectors.


Technical enquiries: H. Mothiana
Tel: 012 318 9475/9452

Supply Chain Inquiries: J. Madiba
012 318 9624/9125/9137

Closing date:

16 March 2018 10H00

Compulsory Briefing:

Briefing session: 08 February at the Municipal Offices (Brits) at 10h00

Evaluating Principle:


Tender Number:



Tender document will be available on 08 February 2018. Tender documents are obtainable from the Supply Chain Management Office, First Floor Room No 101 on a non-refundable deposit in cash or by bank-certified cheque made out in favour of Local Municipality of Madibeng. Payment is made at the Ground floor, Main Municipal Building, 53 van Velden Street, Brits. Price per Document: R1000.00.