Tender Description

Proposals are hereby invited for the following: Provision of debt management services for the period of three years.


Name Tel/Fax Email
Enquiries: Aobakwe Sekese 060 982 3634/082 525 5840 [email protected]
Enquiries: Tsie Tsie 060 982 3634/082 525 5840 [email protected]

Closing date

31 May 2019 12H00

Compulsory Briefing

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Evaluating Principle

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The following documents should be submitted with your quotation: – Business Registration Certificate; – Bank Confirmation Letter; – Valid original tax clearance certificate; – Copy of CSD Registration Summary Report; – Certified copy of BBB-EE Certificate or Original; – Municipal Account; – Proof of residence of all directors as they appear on the company registration certificate obtainable from local municipality or tribal authority; – Certified copies of identity documents(IDs)of directors/members; – NB copies of certified copies will not be accepted; – All certified copies should not be more than three months from the date of the advertisement; – Company (Business) profile. For further information and specifications please visit the following website: https://etenders.treasury.gov.za/node/68418

Please contact them directly for any additional information.

Good luck – we offer awesome value-adding services for debt collection strategies – contact us should you need more information.