CPB is proudly South African, that’s why we CARE about our Youth!

In 2017, we put our heads together and realised the greatest contribution we could make in Consumer Education was to start with our Youth!

So we kick-started a School Education Project that will give our youth a step-up to their dreams!

Consumer Credit Information is a complex area and we believe that a well informed youth will be better able to make good decisions. We simplified credit information because that’s what we’re good at, Solutions!

In collaboration with The Credit Bureau Association we will be visiting 60 Johannesburg-based schools in 2018 to deliver an industrial theatre piece aimed at educating Grade 11 and 12 learners on Credit, Saving and being financially savvy.

It’s educational, it’s funny, and it speaks to the learners in their language.

And just to make it more interesting, our CEO, Marina Short will be presenting at all the schools assigned to CPB.

Watch this Youth Enabling space!

We will be spoiling you with Photos very soon!