More than half a million consumers no longer in good standing on their credit records

The National Credit Regulator released the Consumer Credit Market report and the Credit Bureau Monitor for the quarter ending Sept 2019.

Key observations:
  • General observations
    • Credit active consumers held on bureaus now 25.14 million
    • Of these, 10.8m has impaired records
    • 81.53m accounts was recorded on credit bureau
    • On the credit active consumers, 980m enquiries was done for the quarter
    • 11.95m applications for credit was received during the quarter
    • Rejection rate for applications was 57.6% during the quarter
    • New credit granted was R134.71 billion
    • Total outstanding consumer credit balances ( gross debtors book) standing on R1.93 trillion
  • Quarterly comparison (Q2 2019 compared to Q3 2019)
    • Consumers in good standing decreased to 14.35m (57.06%)
    • Consumers with impaired records increased to 10.8m
    • Enquiries done on consumers increased with 30% of which the biggest increase % was related to Telecommunication services that increased by 44% and 17.25% decrease was related to consumers seeking credit
    • New credit granted to consumers increased by 6.16%
    • Value of new mortgages granted increased by 7.41% to R43.16b
    • Secured credit (dominated by vehicle finance) increased by 5.17% to R43.33b
    • Credit facilities (consisting mainly of credit cards, store cards and bank overdrafts) increased by 6.94% to R22.57b
    • Unsecured credit saw another increase of 5% to R30.07b
    • Developmental credit showed a massive increase of 26.07% to R1.53b.
  • Annual comparison ( year ending Sept 2018 compared to year ending Sept 2019)
    • Value of new mortgages granted increased by R3.37 billion (8.46%)
    • Secured credit increased R1.3 billion (3.2%)
    • Credit facilities increased by R3.7 billion (19.78%) year-on-year
    • Short term credit decreased by 23.4% to R2.3b

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